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Looking to upgrade to iMIS EMS? Look no further! Use the iMIS EMS Upgrade help site to get started with the iMIS EMS upgrade, which is the last iMIS upgrade you will ever perform!


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Learn how to perform tasks in iMIS by watching the short tutorial videos. Each video is around five minutes and helps users learn common iMIS processes through tutorials, examples, and overviews.

New Features

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iMIS EMS is automatically upgraded on a recurring schedule. Review the official New Feature and Upgrade Changes page for details about what changed and documentation about how to begin using the new features.

Developer Documentation

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Looking for the developer documentation? The iMIS software development kit (SDK) provides a secure set of web services for accessing the iMIS platform, across the organization, across different physical locations, and even across organizational boundaries.

iMIS Learning Hub

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ASI Training have designed a learning portal to provide you with on-demand access to training courses and help you progress in your learning! Check out the iMIS Learning Hub to access full trainings and obtain certifications.

iMIS Marketplace

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The iMIS Marketplace provides you with the many different apps that integrate directly with iMIS. Enhance iMIS confidently with best-of-breed apps purpose-built to solve unique business challenges faced by associations and non-profits.