iMIS takes donor management to new heights by providing the tools you need to inspire, acquire, retain, and develop a more meaningful relationship with your donors.

With both online and mobile access to your organization, your donors can tap into your resources, share insights with others who are also committed to your cause, update their own data, purchase products, and register for your events. They can even become fundraisers themselves with peer-to-peer tools that expand your organization’s visibility and reach. Your organization can plan, execute and measure your fundraising campaigns to maximize revenue.

Gift processing

Streamline the processing and acknowledgment of pledges and gifts of all types including annual, major, recurring, planned, and tribute.

Key features

  • Enter multiple gifts at one time through the Rapid Gift Entry feature.
  • Manage recurring payments through the AutoPay feature.
  • Gift premiums and manage premium inventory.
  • Automate pledge reminders, gift acknowledgments and donation receipts.
  • Record all gifts and pledges with the appropriate revenue distribution.
  • Apply a single contribution to more than one campaign, fund or appeal.
  • Track and measure appeal, campaign or fund performance.

Online donations

Allow supporters to donate to your organization online or through a mobile device.

Key features

  • Use the standard Give Now page to accept donations or easily change the page design.
  • Accept the following payment types for donations:
    • Credit cards
    • Debit cards
    • Direct debit/automated clearing house (ACH)/electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • Display an array of gift amount options, define an amount that can be pre-selected, or allow supporters to enter a custom amount.
  • Allow supporters to designate a donation as a tribute, in another person's name, or as an anonymous gift.
  • Offer supporters premium gifts in exchange for donations, installment payment options, or recurring payment options.
  • Enable supporters to register for events, pay membership fees, or buy products when donating to your organization.
  • Let supporters manage their own profile information and access their giving history.
  • Empower members to share their support for your organization to popular social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Moves management

With iMIS you can manage the highly individual and hands-on approach necessary to cultivate major gifts. You can assign prospective donors to individual Moves Managers and manage a unique cultivation plan for each donor.

Moves management enables you to manage a pipeline of prospective donors across a team of Moves Managers. You can track activities from prospect identification, to cultivation, to the request for funds and finally, through the stewardship phase of the relationship.

Key features

  • Assign prospective donors to a Moves Manager.
  • Provide the Moves Manager with a unique landing page highlighting their pipeline of prospective and active donors.
  • Track key major and planned giving metrics such as the gift type, estimated value, quality of prospect and any required notes.
  • Manage one-to-one relationships between donor and other constituent records.
  • Track and follow up on key activities, touches and moves that are required to move a donor from no gift to their maximum and correct gift.
  • Track the overall effectiveness of a Moves Manager’s portfolio.

Charitable receipts

Any donation, charitable event registration, or purchase of a charitable item can be issued a receipt.

Key features

  • Schedule an automatic task to issue the receipts on a user-defined schedule
  • Manually issue receipts
  • Send customizable email templates with the receipts as an attachment
  • Review the log for all previously issued receipts and easily download any receipt directly from iMIS

Tribute donations

Donors have the option to indicate if their donation is a tribute. They can choose to make their donation in honor, in recognition, or in memory of someone and enter a tribute message.

Key features

  • Allow donors to request a notification of their gift
  • Print or email notifications for the specified tributee
  • Customize messages to be sent with the donation