Latest upgrade: What's new?

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Latest Release: January 2024 (20.3.171)

Overview of new features: January 2024 (20.3.171)

New responsive theme for public websites: Flat White

The Flat White theme is the newest addition to the Coffee family, replacing Mocha as the default theme for the member responsive site. Flat White introduces a cleaner more toned-down style, providing a contemporary and professional appearance. It includes animated content, allowing for certain features like the top navigation to fade in or cards to flip as you scroll down the page. The cleaner aesthetic, animated content, and responsive design collectively contribute to a more enjoyable and effective interaction between members and your organization's online presence.

Identifying duplicate organizations from the manage duplicates window

Easily identify and resolve potential duplicate organizations from the Manage duplicates window when you have the Contact Merge - Plus license. For more information, see Merging duplicate contacts.

Using saved payment methods

Empower customers with the convenience of using their saved payment methods on both the cart and Give Now pages, streamlining the checkout process. With this feature enabled, AutoPay enrollees will find their saved payment methods readily accessible. For all customers, the option to add new saved payment methods is conveniently located on their account page on the Preferences tab.

Moreover, system administrators have the flexibility to craft personalized messages that will be visible to customers upon enrolling in automatic renewals. See Using saved payment methods for more information.

Note: To use saved payment methods for all future purchases, you need to be licensed for AutoPay and have the iMIS Pay gateway configured accordingly.

Enhancing the usability of iMIS

Numerous usability enhancements have significantly improved the overall user experience within iMIS:

  • Communication templates: When initiating communications, a confirmation message will now display, indicating the number of recipients for the communication. Users are provided with the choice to either send the message immediately or return to make any necessary adjustments. This valuable feature empowers senders to double-check their intentions, preventing any inadvertent or premature sending of messages.
  • Communication templates: The Preview button has been relocated away from the Send button, and the Back button has been repositioned to the top for enhanced visibility.
  • Queries: Staff users can now streamline the process of adding filters and sorts to IQA queries, as the need to click the add (+) button has been eliminated. Filters and sorts are seamlessly integrated into queries once selected from the drop-down menu.
  • Queries: When utilizing IQA queries with multiple sources, the property names have been enhanced to incorporate the source name on the filters, sorts, and display tabs.
  • Communities: The Save button has transformed to a Publish button when creating content for communities, ensuring that users are aware their content is promptly shared with the public.

Preventing duplicate contacts for events

The following enhancements have been made to prevent the creation of duplicate contacts when registering someone else for events:

  • The Permit public users to register existing contacts setting now prevents public users from creating duplicate contacts they do not have read access to when registering someone else. When enabled, if users choose to Add a new contact and a duplicate record is detected, the existing duplicate is selected for registration, and the new contact is not created. See Event settings for more information.
  • The Do not allow adding new contacts configuration option has been added to theEvent display content item. Enabling this option prevents users from adding new contacts when registering someone else, reducing the likelihood of duplicate entries. See Event display for more information.

Additional Enhancements

  • Managing panel sources outside of Panel Definitions - The Panel sources window (RiSE > Panel Designer > Panel sources) introduces a centralized hub for managing panel sources. This window displays each panel source alongside its parent type and whether the source is multi-instance, and it allows staff to add new sources and delete unused sources without the need to edit a panel. Previously, panel sources could only be accessed during the process of editing a panel, meaning that any changes to the data source required accessing and modifying the panel directly.
  • Enhancements to the Stripe onboarding process - The window for adding a Stripe gateway account to iMIS Pay Central now contains two links: Create a Stripe account and Begin the onboarding process. These links are designed to ensure compatibility with pop-up blockers and eliminate the need for users to manually save new Stripe gateways in iMIS. Upon selecting Begin the onboarding process, the new gateway automatically saves to iMIS, and the Stripe onboarding site opens in a new browser tab, without the need for disabling pop-up blockers.
  • Okta supported as new OIDC integration - iMIS OpenID is now compatible with Okta. When configured, staff users may sign into iMIS using their Okta credentials. The Okta integration not only offers a seamless single sign on connection to iMIS, but also offers standards-compliant OAuth 2.0 authorization.
  • Pay Central SDK - The Pay Central SDK streamlines payment processes, allowing iMIS clients to seamlessly integrate Pay Central functionality into external web pages while ensuring centralized and accurate record-keeping within iMIS.
  • Requiring mobile phone in the Contact Account Creator - The Contact Account Creator content item now offers the option to make it mandatory for contacts to include a mobile phone number during the account creation process.
  • Upgrade date displayed on About iMIS page - The About iMIS page has been enhanced to display the date of the most recent upgrade, accompanied by a convenient link to the Release Notes (New Features and Enhancements) page

Upgrade Changes

  • Twitter has been changed to X - We've given a fresh look to all icons that used to feature the Twitter symbol, replacing them with the sleek new X icon. Furthermore, all content items that call for social media links have been seamlessly updated to reflect this change.
  • vSOA ItemClass database view has been updated for improved performance - Viewing information in iMIS, such as a list of Event registrants, has become more efficient by enhancing the performance of returned results, especially when large amounts of information is requested.

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