Latest upgrade: What's new?

Existing iMIS EMS users receive regular upgrades. Review the details below to learn more about what new features or upgrade changes were included in your most recent iMIS upgrade.

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Latest Release: May 2023 (20.3.153)

Overview of new features: May 2023 (20.3.153)

Splitting gifts

Splitting gifts allows you to allocate a single gift or pledge to multiple gift items and specify the amount to contribute to each gift item. Enter split gifts from Fundraising > Enter gifts by selecting the Split gift items option. When necessary, adjust the following details related to a split gift using an adjustment batch: Donor, List As, Request, Source Code, Moves Manager, and Tribute. See Splitting gifts for details.

Continuum renamed to Reports

The Continuum navigation item has been renamed to Reports. Navigate through Reports to access the secondary navigation items previously found under Continuum.

Adjusting posted media orders

Easily adjust an iMIS Advertising media order that has already been posted by unposting the order. Once unposted, adjustments to the order automatically appear as credit or debit memos on the existing invoice. After you apply the adjustments, post the order again. See Unposting orders for details.

Term information added to accrual dues batches

The accrual dues batch detail window contains an enhanced default query that now provides the term begin date, term end date, and term length associated with each billed product. See Reviewing and printing accrual-based membership fee batches for details.

Donation Summary Business Object

The DonationSummary business object contains one row per gift or pledge that incorporates split gifts, pledge payments, installment pledges, and financial adjustments. Use this business object when reporting to display each gift as a single line item. To search and review DonationSummary data, select the Donation summary query from Fundraising > Find gifts. See Fundraising business objects for details.

Additional Enhancements

  • Pay Central Live search enhancements: Staff users can now search for non recurring Pay Central transactions using the Invoice number, and any other transactions using the Gateway Transaction ID and the Pay Central ID. Refunds and voids are also supported, with refunds now showing negative values in the Amount field.
  • Process automation run time: When viewing a scheduled process automation task, staff users can see when the task was last run and when it is due to run again. If there is no scheduled run time, a message displays informing the user.
  • Editing forms from the Forms content item: Select Edit source form to edit forms directly from the Forms content item. A limited view of the form designer opens. This limited view of the form designer supports adding, editing, removing, and rearranging form elements. Save the changes to update all pages containing the form.
  • Previewing event pricing group details from registration options and program items: Preview composition details for event pricing groups from the Pricing tab of event registration options and program items. Select a pricing group to view the group types, groups, and roles included in the pricing group.
  • User interface improvements for donation-based Content Items: The following content items have been enhanced to be more touch-friendly for mobile layouts:
    • Donation Creator
    • Recurring Donation Creator
    • Tribute Gift Editor
    • Display Name Editor
  • Additional Membership Fees invoice type: The AdditionalMembershipFees invoice type is available from the Open Invoice List Display content item. You must add this new invoice type to custom pages with the Open Invoice List Display content item. Invoices created through the following scenarios are assigned the AdditionalMembershipFee type:
    • A staff user updates a member’s customer type while the member has an open cash-based membership invoice. The open invoice is converted to the AdditionalMembershipFees type and remains available for payment on the member’s account page.
    • A member has an outstanding balance for some membership fees. They are billed for the next term, but those fees are not included in the renewal (e.g., the items were removed from the billing cycle). The older membership fees are now available to be paid or reversed in an invoice with an AdditionalMembershipFees type.
    • A member adds optional items during renewal, but the payment must be reversed or refunded. The optional items are then available to pay or be reversed separately from the renewal invoice, in an invoice with an AdditionalMembershipFees type.
  • Empty cart graphic: The Cart Details Display content item now displays a graphic when the cart is empty.

Upgrade Changes

  • Updating the iMIS time zone: In an on-going effort to improve iMIS performance, the option to change the time zone has been removed from the settings. To review the read-only iMIS time zone, go to Settings > About iMIS, and select the Show more link.
  • Copied rate cards must have unique rate card names: Copied rate cards must be assigned a unique Rate card name. If the Rate card name is not unique, an error occurs, and the duplicate rate card does not save to the media asset.

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