Getting started with IQA queries: Business Objects

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Important! Poorly written queries can cause performance issues in iMIS. Before starting to work with queries in the Intelligent Query Architect, review the Best practices for writing IQA queries.

IQA queries are built using business objects. Before you can begin confidently building IQA queries, you need to understand what a business object is, how business objects are used, and how business objects work. See Understanding business objects for a comprehensive review of iMIS business objects.

After you understand the basic elements of business objects, you can begin building IQA queries. iMIS provides a class of easy-to-use business objects that contain comprehensive information about your contacts, products, events, fundraisers, and much more. You can use these business objects to query specific data and report on information without creating multiple, complex joins.

To see what properties are associated with a business object, we recommend creating a new query, select the business object as the query source, then select the filters tab to view the properties.






Note: When creating queries with invoice business objects, it is recommended to use InvoiceSummary. See Invoice Summary for more information.




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