Get a complete picture of your organization's finances by easily manage daily financial batches, invoices, and adjustments. With the iMIS Pay gateway, you can accept payments securely with integrated payment processing that meets the highest standard for security. You can also utilize separate bank accounts for different types of payments, such as membership fees, donations, event registrations, or product sales.

iMIS Pay Central

Simple, secure, and affordable payment processing with iMIS Pay Central:

  • Next Day Funding: Enjoy next-day funding, directly to your bank account
  • Online Reconciliation: Online ACH status updates happen directly within iMIS EMS, creating an easy, seamless reconciliation process. iMIS Pay Central supports fully integrated voids and refunds, eliminating the need to process/post between separate systems and reducing the potential for human error.
  • Decline Minimizer: Every night, behind the scenes, iMIS Pay Central retrieves new credit card data stored in our Cloud Pay Central Service. This ensures your future transactions process successfully, without interruption.
  • Note: Decline Minimizer is currently only supported in North America.

  • ACH/eChecks Support: Accepting eChecks and bank drafts has never been easier from your customers. Experience online reconciliation & reporting to process, track and manage all your ACH payments, without leaving iMIS EMS.
  • Recurring Payments: iMIS AutoPay combined with iMIS Pay Central delivers the most robust recurring payment solution on market. Automate membership dues, donations and other future payments directly within iMIS EMS.
  • Simplified PCI Compliance: From a streamlined validation process in as little as 15 minutes to the new iMIS EMS Pay Central Service, you can rest easy knowing your customer’s card data and your business is processing on the industry’s most secure platform.

Accounts receivable

Streamline the processing of financial transactions of all types and integrate to the general ledger package of your choice.

Key features

  • Process cash, check, and credit card receipts for sales transactions against open receivables or as a prepayment in advance of any income application.
  • Any accounts receivable item with a credit balance can be processed as a refund. View, analyze, and print a list of credit items and issue refunds, either for all items or selectively for specific items.
  • Process transactions for two or more independent organizations and support multiple cash accounts.

Add-on features

  • Deferred income:
    • Automatically trigger deferred income and processing for transactions from dues/subscription products, event registrations, and exposition sales.
    • Automate the recognition of appropriate income amounts as the income is earned.
    • Generate corresponding entries to transfer amounts from the deferred income account to the regular income account in your organization’s general ledger solution.


Enable the automatic renewal of membership fees and recurring donations using the member or donor’s preferred payment method. The option can be made available to members and donors in the Join Now and Give Now pages of your website.

You can configure your website to invite the member and donor to opt in or opt out of automated renewals. You can even configure your website to have AutoPay enabled for all new members and donors by default.

Key features

  • Offer members and donors the choice of easy, automated payments.
  • Maximize member and donor retention with automated renewals and recurring donations.
  • Enable members to discontinue automatic payments at any time.
  • Set automatic payment options in the join or renewal process as either off, opt-in, opt-out or always on.
  • Set recurring donation options in the online Give Now pages as either off, opt-in, opt-out or always on.
  • Differentiate between automatic and non-automatic renewals so your members are billed accurately.
  • Staff can manually add members to the automatic membership renewal program.
  • Staff can preview membership fees and donations to be collected, and submit for collection.
  • Securely store member credit card details in a PCI-compliant manner.