Welcome to iMIS Certification, a highly organized and integrated tool for managing your organization’s certification programs. iMIS Certification assists your organization in giving credits to members for activities or achievements defined by your organization. Providing a certification program on your site keeps your members well-informed and coming back to your site to check on the status of their certification as they complete each program requirement.

iMIS Certification allows you to create several certification programs, each with a different set of completion criteria. For example, you can set up a simple program requiring customers to attend three of five available seminars over a specified time period, with each seminar defined as a certification component. Attendance at the seminar would be considered credit. You could also create a very complex program with 30 or 40 components and a three-year period for program completion.

As a convenience to your members, you can create offerings for each component that offer one or many ways for a member to complete a requirement. Offerings can be related to an iMIS event or product, or a custom resource with the specific date, time, and location when a member can complete the component requirement. A component might have multiple offerings, such as different dates when a course is offered. For example, a webinar component might contain an offering with the webinar provided on various dates.

Certification programs can also be set up in ordered stages that require a stage to be completed before proceeding on to the next stage.

You will use the Staff site to set up and manage your certification programs, define program components, and approve requirement and program completion. A certification program can be set up with just a few requirements for completion, or as a more complex set of requirements with a series of required stages.

Certification - Example 1

Certification - Example 2