Training course

Your large and small event experience just got an upgrade. Now your members, donors, and other constituents can do the following online or through a mobile device:

  • Register for a conference
  • Register for a meeting or a training class
  • Access agendas and locations
  • Read speaker biographies
  • Discover which of their peers are also attending

This sort of control and access drives attendee satisfaction, increases product purchases, generates positive referrals, and ensures retention.

With iMIS, your organization can offer flexible event pricing according to constituent status, allow wait-list management and more. Large or small, your events have never been more accessible, productive, or profitable.

Event management

Streamline the management of events of all types and sizes, allow constituents to register online or through a mobile device, and offer a responsive event microsite for any event.

Key features

  • Manage the planning, logistics, communication, and registration for events of all types and sizes.
  • Add sessions, breakout groups, and social functions for larger events.
  • Offer flexible pricing based on registration date, membership type, or other demographic information.
  • Set a cut-off date, determine maximum registration amounts, and manage wait-lists for fully booked event functions.
  • Automate event reminder and thank-you emails.

Online events

Allow your members, donors, and other constituents to register for events online or through a mobile device.

Key features

  • Use the standard event page or change page design.
  • Accept the following payment types for events:
    • Credit cards
    • Debit cards
    • Direct debit/automated clearing house (ACH)/electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • Allow constituents to pay membership fees, donate money, or buy products when registering for an event.
  • Display event details including locations, agendas, speakers, registration lists, and more.
  • Create a responsive event microsite for any event with an agenda, registration directory, Twitter feed and more.
  • Create general or event-specific promotion codes that can be applied during the checkout process.
  • Empower supporters to promote your event to popular social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Event microsite

iMIS includes a responsive event microsite that can be used for any event you create in iMIS.

It can be used as both your event microsite to promote your event and capture registrations, as well as your on-site mobile site with agenda, registration directory, Twitter feed, and any additional information you want to add.