Go beyond typical constituent management with iMIS. With simple-to-use tools, your constituents are empowered to update their own profile information and manage their committee, chapter, and online community memberships.

Your organization maintains control over the data constituents can access or modify, including profiles and statistics, as well as address, demographic, and transactional information. This means added convenience for constituents and increased productivity for you.

Contact management

Manage contact, address, and demographic information for contacts, organizations, or groups.

Key features

The following are key contact related features:

  • Manage contact, address, and custom demographic information for individuals or organizations.
  • Create an unlimited number of tables and fields for collecting and tracking custom demographic data.
  • Real-time address validation powered by Experian Data Quality
  • Define multiple addresses to be maintained for each contact.
  • Maintain separate phone, fax, and email addresses for multiple addresses.
  • Track and manage contact activity, including email correspondence, phone calls, meetings, event attendance, product sales, membership fees, or donations.
  • Create an unlimited number of custom activities.
  • Store social media addresses for individuals and organizations.
  • Relate individuals and subsidiaries to a parent organization for hierarchical rosters.
  • Create unique reciprocal relationships between individuals or organizations, such as Child of or Guest of.
  • Search for and find contacts using any data field.

Online profile and directory

Go beyond typical constituent management with iMIS. With simple-to-use tools, your constituents are empowered to update their own profile information and access their financial history online or through a mobile device.

Key features

  • Use the standard profile web page or easily change page design.
  • Determine which fields constituents can view and edit.
  • Enable constituents to view their event, order, membership, or giving history.
  • Enable constituents to view their committee, chapter, or community participation.
  • Create searchable online directories of specific groups.

Contact: Add-on features

Contact Merge enables you to identify potential duplicate contacts or organizations and merge those duplicate records. All financial, activity, and other information associated with the duplicate record is transferred to the correct record. Information missing from the correct record can be populated with information from the duplicate record.

Online communities

Savvy not-for-profits understand it takes a lot more than a Facebook page and Twitter feed to create an effective social experience for members, donors, and other constituents. Online communities where constituents can connect, collaborate, and communicate in a secure, trusted setting have emerged as one of the smartest ways to demonstrate value and ensure retention rates.

With iMIS, your organization can provide a highly popular resource to constituents while also guiding and monitoring discussions in a controlled environment, protecting your proprietary assets and accurately measuring the impact of your engagement efforts.

Key features

  • Create multiple communities, each with their own security settings, discussion forums, document libraries, wikis, and blogs. Easily define who can see and join individual communities based on any criteria.
  • Provide an online discussion forum for your community members to ask questions, offer answers, and discuss issues. Moderate posts and provide community members multiple options for receiving updates from individual posts to weekly digests.
  • Collaborate with your community members to build a knowledge base. Create a library of documents, videos, audio and image files accessible to your community members and empower your community members to share files to the document library.
  • Empower your community members to collaboratively author content such as a glossary of industry terms (wikis).
  • Communities can combine all features or make use of just one, such as a discussion forum.

Group Administrator

iMIS includes three types of Group Administrators roles:

  • Company Administrator — Manage other contacts linked to their organization's record. They can add, edit, and remove other contacts as well as register them for events or pay membership fees on their behalf.
  • Committee Administrator — Add contacts to or remove contacts from a committee roster.
  • Chapter Administrator — Manage contacts in a chapter. Chapter Administrators can edit other contacts as well as register other contacts for events or pay membership fees on their behalf.

These roles can be assigned to your members, donors, or other constituents to perform certain actions online.

Volunteer management

iMIS includes the ability to recruit, schedule, and track volunteer activity.

Key features

  • Allow volunteers to sign up online and manage their profile.
  • Manage the onboarding of volunteers including background checks and orientation completion.
  • Record skills, interests, and availability for volunteers by day and hour.
  • Easily search for and match volunteers with volunteer opportunities.
  • Assign and track individual volunteer hours.
  • Keep track of interested volunteers, as well as those areas for which your volunteers and their skills would be most appropriate.