iMIS takes traditional membership management to the next level by providing your members with online and mobile access to your organization, This enables your members to tap into tools and resources, renew their memberships, make donations, and even register themselves for events any time, anywhere.

You can collect membership fees, manage chapters and track committee participation, as well as analyze membership performance to maximize revenue.


Streamline the process of collecting membership fees, dues, and subscriptions.

Key features

  • Provides the following comprehensive billing platforms:
    • Product codes
    • Member types
    • Special pricing
  • Allows simple or special pro-rationing and unlimited customization of pricing for billing through special pricing.
  • Establish the billing time as anniversary, annual, or both.
  • Establish the accounting method as cash-based, accrual-based, or both.
  • Create unlimited billing cycles for unique or customized billing.
  • Email reminders and invoices on an ad hoc or automated basis with Process automation and Email marketing.
  • Automate recurring membership fees with AutoPay.
  • Produce all necessary billing documentation, including dues notices, invoices and reminders, transaction lists, and trial balances.

Online membership

Allow your members to join or renew their membership dues or fees online or through a mobile device.

Key features

  • Use the standard Join Now web page or change page design.
  • Accept the following payment types for membership fees:
    • Credit cards
    • Debit cards
    • Direct debit/automated clearing house (ACH)/electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • Display multiple member types or fees and allow members to self-select a chapter when joining.
  • Enable members to register for events, buy products, or donate to your organization when joining or renewing their membership.
  • Let members manage their own profile information and access their purchase history.
  • Empower members to share their support for your organization to popular social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Chapters and committees

Streamline the management of chapters and committees.

Key features

  • Create and manage unlimited chapters.
  • Allow members to self-select a chapter when joining your organization.
  • Chapter membership is recorded and visible on the contact’s record.
  • Select a chapter directory to email, export and display online.
  • Designate a member as a Chapter Administrator and allow the Chapter Administrator to do the following:
    • Edit another chapter member’s records.
    • Register another chapter member for events.
    • Pay membership fees on another chapter member’s behalf.
  • Create and manage unlimited committees.
  • Select a role as well as a begin and end date when adding committee members.
  • Committee membership is recorded and visible on the contact’s record.
  • Select a committee list to email, export and display online.
  • Designate a member as a Committee Administrator and allow the Committee Administrator to add contacts to or remove contacts from a committee roster.