Building IQA queries: Tutorials

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Important! Poorly written queries can cause performance issues in iMIS. Review Best practices for writing IQA queries to ensure all queries are correctly created.

There are an infinite amount of queries you can build using the Intelligent Query Architect. Once a query is built, staff users can use it to email the generated list of contacts (non-staff users cannot access queries for emailing), display the results on a content page, build a report to distribute to your staff, and much more.

Below are examples on how to create unique queries using a variety of different business objects. These examples range from beginner to advanced.

Before you begin

Review the following information before building a query:

  • By default, queries are cached in iMIS for performance purposes. To refresh a query, go to Settings > About iMIS, then click Purge System Cache.
  • Do not put slashes (/) in IQA names. Doing so will cause errors when importing. To avoid these errors, update all existing IQA queries with slashes in their name and update any content items or reports associated with the queries.
  • ASI recommends using NetContactData for all queries requiring contact data.