Overview: Member status and Contact status

Updating member statuses maintains current records on the overall status of your members and tracks several aspects of membership, including membership renewals and expired members. If member statuses are not changed, some members might retain unwarranted access to organizational privileges.

Note: The Member status and Contact status do not affect the determination of whether a user is considered a member. Only the Customer type is used to determine whether the user is a member.

iMIS uses member status and date to track changes in a contact’s primary membership, which translate to their customer type and contact status.

The following properties in iMIS are all related to a contact’s member status:

  • Member Status (Name.MEMBER_STATUS):
    • Assigned based on properties in a contact’s primary membership and changed at the time of join or renewal
    • Not user-definable
    • Can be New, Dropped, Renewed, or Reinstated
  • Contact Status (Name.STATUS):
    • Is user-definable from a contact's account page (Overview or Membership tab)
    • Must always be defined using a code that begins with A (Active), I (Inactive), S (Suspended), or D (Dropped)
    • Defined in a general lookup table named MEMBER_STATUS (Settings > General lookup tables)
  • Customer type (Name.MEMBER_TYPE):
    • Contact's classification
    • Can be a Member or Non-member type