How to upgrade to iMIS EMS

iMIS EMS is the latest version of iMIS that is 100% cloud-based. Read more or watch the following video to learn how to begin the upgrade process.

Things to know before upgrading to iMIS EMS

The following are important items to understand before upgrading to iMIS EMS:

  • You must be on the latest version of iMIS 2017 with the latest service pack applied
  • The iMIS Pay gateway is the only allowed gateway
  • The REST API must be utilized (no integration through iBO or SOA)
  • The following are no longer available:
    • iMIS Desktop
    • Crystal Reports (recreate existing using IQA, SSRS, or iMIS Report Writer)
    • Customizations (e.g., views, tables, stored procedures, triggers)

Upgrade paths

The following options outline how to begin the upgrade process based on how you are hosted.