iMIS 2017 New Features and Enhancements

In this release of iMIS, we’re excited to announce new features that will elevate your member’s engagement levels, improve your business processes, enhance your website’s overall data security, and limit your time spent in the iMIS Desktop so that more of your regular business processes are performed on the web.

Be sure to review the associated upgrade changes before upgrading to this version of iMIS.

iMIS 2017 New Features

Short Overview (8:30)

Extended Overview (68:00)

New Features

Additional Enhancements

Upgrade Changes

These following upgrade changes should be reviewed before upgrading to iMIS 2017 (20.2.64).

Warning! Installing .NET 4.6.2 is required for iMIS 2017 (20.2.64) and is supported for previous versions of iMIS beginning with iMIS Q4 2015 (version 20.2.26), but is not compatible with versions prior to iMIS Q4 2015. If you have multiple versions of iMIS installed on the same server and those versions are different, only those versions beginning with iMIS Q4 2015 can be installed on the same server as iMIS 2017. Versions of iMIS prior to iMIS Q4 2015 must be installed on a separate server without .NET 4.6.2 installed.