Creating and using a custom payment receipt

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Out-of-the-box, the payment receipt is accessible from the Print receipt link in the following locations:

To use a custom payment receipt in the above locations, the related content and shortcut must be updated.

Customizing the payment receipt

Do the following to customize the payment receipt:

  1. Go to Reports > Report Writer.
  2. Expand the Finance folder, then select the Print Selected Payment Receipt report.
  3. Click the menu icon for the report, then select Duplicate.
  4. Enter a name for the report and choose a folder, then click Ok.
  5. Make the desired customizations, then Save.

Updating the related content

Do the following to updated the related content:

  1. Go to RiSE > Page Builder > Mange content.
  2. Navigate through the following folder path: @/iCore/Finance
  3. Select and copy the Payment Receipt content record (Organize > Copy).
  4. Paste (Organize > Paste) the content record in a non-system folder.
  5. Open the content record for edit.
  6. From the content item configuration, select Configure.
  7. From the Report document path, select the report you created. Report Writer reports are in the following folder: $/Common/Report Writer/Reports
  8. Click OK, then click Save & Publish.

Updating the related shortcut

Do the following to update the related shortcut:

  1. Go to RiSE > Site Builder > Manage shortcuts.
  2. Locate the PrintPaymentReceipt shortcut.
  3. Select the edit icon.
  4. From the URL or content record field, select the content record you created.
  5. Click Update.