Creating and editing scheduled tasks PLUS

Training course

Note: This is a licensed feature. For more information, contact your AiSP or ASI Technical Support.

Note: The Default publishing server must be enabled; if this publishing server is disabled, your scheduled tasks will not run. To determine the Default publishing server, go to RiSE > Maintenance > Publishing servers. The Default column will indicate which publishing server (if there are more than one) is the default.

Do the following to create a new scheduled task:

  1. Go to RiSE > Process automation.
  2. (Tasks tab) Click Add new task.
  3. Enter a Name that indicates the purpose of the task.
  4. (optional) Enter a task Description.
  5. Select Scheduled task as the task Type.
  6. (Triggers tab) Create Triggers that tell the task when to run.
  7. (optional) (Data sources tab) Create and manage query data sources for the task.
  8. (optional) (Conditions tab) Specify Conditions that must be met in order for the task to run.
  9. (Actions tab) Define the action the task performs when it runs. The Actions tell the task what to do when it runs. When the Triggers occur and the Conditions are met, the task executes the Actions. In this case, the action is sending a communication to a recipient list generated by a selected recipient data source using a specified communication template.
  10. To activate the task, select Enabled.
  11. Save the task.
  12. (optional) Click Run task now to run the task immediately.
  13. (optional) (Data sources tab) Create and manage query data sources for the task.
  14. (optional) Review the Logs to determine which scheduled tasks have been run, which actions have been performed, and whether any scheduled tasks did not complete successfully.
  15. Note: When clicking Run task now, DO NOT refresh your browser; otherwise, the task will start over. To see the log, click the Logs tab, then click the Find button. The log for the last runs of the task will be listed. Also keep in mind when you click Run task now, you will see a message that says Your task was executed. You will not see the log for this last run until you go to the Logs and click Find.

  16. You can search for specific scheduled tasks based on the name of the task, the status of the task, or the date when the task was initiated.